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Should it be cloud first?

Is the public cloud comparable to our famous Singaporean Chicken rice?

Everyone must change and everyone must be on the cloud. We hear this all the time, the proliferation of hyperscale cloud, and the move away from traditional -- but why?

Talking to our customers around the world we hear the same stories: Cloud first, migration to cloud, native cloud, agile, dev ops. The list goes on and never seems to stop, and is constantly changing.

We all seem to be on a treadmill to keep up with this pace of change. And apparently we must have a blockchain too!

But what problem are we all so desperately trying to solve?

Is it cost, faster deployments, keeping pace with the change in our own business?

There's a huge amount of questions that I think all of us are asking, whether we are running IT, running business units, or working at service providers. We are trying to understand and help our customers create the future and the systems they need to meet some or all of the questions and demands being placed upon us.

The possibilities are endless, and so much can be created and provided by the use of technology. But can technology be compared to other industries? For example, is the public cloud comparable to our famous Singaporean Chicken rice?

The dish may look simple -- but it's flavours are complex. And every hawker has their own way of cooking the dish, so no two sellers will ever have the same tasting dish.

Very much like cloud, it may seem simple but there are underlining complexities, with no two vendors every offering the exact same technology.

As my first ever blog I will take us through all of this from my perspective, using examples of what we do and what we see working. And failing that, help provide some insight into the challenges and solutions that can help us all. Also let's not forget the investment we have all made in our on-premises solutions and why we would need to keep that in some shape in the future.

In this series I will write about everything I come across in my daily life as an intrepid purveyor of cloud services!

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