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UberMobile's Top Ten Trends 2013

Here are the ten most important trends that will drive our increasingly mobile world in 2013 and beyond.

Tis the season for lists, so here is my contribution for you to consider here at the conclusion of 2012.   The vibrant market for mobile devices, applications, and services is being fueled by numerous factors, here's my take on the top trends contributing to the continued growth of mobile in 2013 and beyond. 

1. Big Data - mobile adoption is generating billions of instances of new data sources and at the same time providing hundreds of millions of new outlets for this same data.  Both at the organizational and personal level, success will increasingly depend on analytics.   

2. New Banking - in emerging economies, the economic impact of bringing net-new unbanked and underbanked consumers into the world economy will continue to pressure resolution of the various financial and technology hurdles that telcos, banks, retailers, and regulators have grappled with for the past 15 years.    Mature economies will continue to move forward fueled by changes in my next trend, "Everywhere Commerce".     

3. Everywhere Commerce - mobile is exposing a vast number of new opportunities in mapping the physical world to the emerging digital lives of mobile users and will continue to trigger shifts in user behavior (e.g. showrooming) marketing and advertising spend.  

4. Internet of Things - mobile devices are key elements in the Internet of Things, and the roles devices play as aggregators of data, portals allowing consumers to customize the objects in their lives, and generators of data will create increased demand for applications will create new business models that will generate further investment. 

5. Context Awareness - mobile devices, networks, and applications are increasingly generating and consuming inputs such as location, emotion,  orientation, social, and personal data to automatically adjust to conditions.   Successful applications will be pushed to be context aware by user feedback, and there will be a growing gulf between "one and done" mobile apps and those that find their way into the daily/weekly usage patterns of consumers. 

6. Cloud Computing - whether its mobile device management, content management,  or appilcation development, infrastructure as a service (iaaS), platform (paaS), and software (saaS) models are giving enterprises and consumers many more options to stitch into the mobile world in efficient ways. 

7. Multichannel -  mobile is a catalyst for many consumers and business users to move toward multichannel thinking of consumption of content.    Adding to the challenge of the multichannel world is the need for application developers to deal with multiple devices and multiple operating systems.   

8. Mobile Virtualization - will begin to move into the mainstream as the fragmentation of mobile operating systems and ecosystems

9. Social - Social creates new views for content, and will continue to push new boundaries for user expectations.  

10. User Experience - 2012 marked a point where great user interfaces are becoming the expectation across consumer and business applications.   I believe that 2013-2015 will mark the transition into a direction of integrated user experiences. 


What's on your list? 




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