DIY-IT Project Guide

DIY-IT Project Guide

Summary: This is the comprehensive guide to the DIY-IT projects. If you're working on a DIY project of your own, this is a good place to start.


Here's a list of the projects we're working on. Feel free to check any of them out.

Small business tips

I'm just getting started adding small business tips to DIY-IT. I've got a few listed below. In the meantime, here are two additional resources chock-full of small business information:

Also on ZDNet: ZDNet Small Business Center
My book: How To Save Jobs (free PDF download)

Ten techie homeowner tips for Jason’s new house
Ten bits of wisdom earned the hard way: from making mistakes and learning from them.

Contact managers and CRM systems are incredibly stupid
I’m having a crisis of faith. I can’t stand contact managers. Whether you call them CRM systems or contact managers, they all seem to be stuck in the land time forgot.

How to decide: should you buy an iPhone or an Android phone?
Well, here goes. You fanbois out there, holster your arrows. I’m gonna do this one snark-free.

The two reasons I avoided Android and finally upgraded to the relatively boring iPhone 4S
Would you take the easy path and go with a workable, if uninspiring iPhone 4GS? Or, would you take a chance on the wild world of malware and go with Android?

When to buy an Android tablet and when to buy a Kindle Fire
Should you get an Android tablet like the Galaxy Tab or, well, an Android-based tablet like the Kindle Fire? Read this article to find out.

The one key rule for surviving a Groupon deal
Learn how a Groupon deal can be very compelling for buyers, but for sellers, it can be brutal.

So you want to be a publisher
Since this is a family show, I’ve replaced my standard body of profane expression with slightly more watered-down variations.

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  • Some tangential directions to go

    I'm an ---intrigued--- Linux user.

    1) How about a paragraph or two on experiences with Linux SMS apps (since the Mac is UNIX like).

    2) Have you tried faxing from your MFP using google voice?