10 reasons the BlackBerry DTEK60 is good for business

The BlackBerry DTEK60 is the most powerful and elegant BlackBerry device released. It stands out from other Android smartphones with key functions and features that enhance efficiency and improve productivity.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

After a couple of weeks with the new BlackBerry DTEK60, see my full review, it's clear that BlackBerry offers a powerful smartphone for the enterprise user at a value price.

I spend less time managing email, I'm able to work within the BlackBerry Hub rather than jumping in and out of different apps, I can quickly check my calendar, tasks, and unread messages while continuing to work with my apps, and perform many other functions much more effectively than I can with other Android smartphones.

Here are 10 reasons the BlackBerry DTEK60 is good for business:

  1. Security: The full list of enhanced BlackBerry security features can be seen in my full review and includes rapid security updates, Android OS hardening, and more.
  2. BlackBerry Hub: The Hub provides a centralized communications system that lets you manage most of your forms of contact within one interface. Some apps, such as Facebook, still force you out of the Hub, but I've been able to save lots of time working just within the Hub.
  3. Convenience key: The right side hardware button can be customized to launch an app or perform a function you select. Mine is set to Google Now, which gives me quicker access to this screen than I could get by swiping on a Pixel.
  4. Swipe up options: BlackBerry gives you a few ways to gain quick access to your apps or information. A swipe up from the center bottom home button gives you the option to swipe to the left, center, or right to launch apps or utilities you select. I'm using the default BlackBerry device search, phone dialer, and Hub options on the DTEK60.
  5. Deep notification functionality: While Android 7 Nougat provides more functionality in the notification area, BlackBerry Hub gives you even more options. For example, you can reply to, snooze, or delete individual emails.
  6. Productivity tab: Similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge side panels, BlackBerry gives you a tab you can swipe from the right or left to access you calendar, unread messages, tasks, and favorite contacts. It's a very efficient way to view and access your key information.
  7. BlackBerry keyboard: There are some powerful software keyboard options available on the Android platform. The BlackBerry keyboard brings the best from years of BlackBerry hardware QWERTY keyboards to the DTEK60.
  8. Stock Android experience and no bloatware: Similar to the Lenovo Moto phones, BlackBerry brings a stock Android experience to Android. It's refreshing to have a device free of bloatware and unecessary apps and utilities.
  9. Adoptable external storage: While Android 6.0 Marshmallow provided support to designate your external microSD storage card as internal storage, so far we have only seen HTC and Lenovo provide this functionality. BlackBerry also includes this capability and if you enable this option then the microSD card is only usable within the device, making the card more secure.
  10. Home screen shortcuts: While Android supports various widgets and home screen app shortcuts, BlackBerry takes things further with useful shortcuts. These include direct message composition, device utilities, media play options, set or view alarms, and many more.

BlackBerry DTEK60 full review: in pictures

There are many great Android smartphones available today, ranging in price from $300 to $900+ and I've had the opportunity to test many of them. I ordered the DTEK60 figuring I would test it out and return it. However, because of the items listed above and a few other reasons (loud stereo speakers, great form factor, 3.5mm headset jack) I am keeping this $500 smartphone.

With flagship specifications and a number of BlackBerry enhancements, it's tough to beat the $499 price and value of the BlackBerry DTEK60.

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