101 project management tips

Inside CRM has a list of 101 tips for being a better manager. Here are my picks for the ten best:Only promise what you can realistically deliver.
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor

Inside CRM has a list of 101 tips for being a better manager. Here are my picks for the ten best:

Only promise what you can realistically deliver. Don't create deadlines that you know you can't meet. By only promising what you know you can do, you'll be able to finish on time.

Create milestones. Creating milestones for you and your team will help you keep track of your progress and also give you a sense of accomplishment as you reach each milestone.

Make sure expectations are clear. Be sure that each member of your team knows what their specific responsibilities are. This will save time and prevent tasks from being overlooked.

Give credit when it's due. Don't take credit for your employees' ideas or hog their limelight. This action not only fosters resentment but also makes you seem untrustworthy.

Set up a realistic budget. While it's good to be optimistic, don't plan for more spending than you know you can afford. Make sure you plan for emergencies and contingencies as well.

Save costs where they matter the most. Don't just pinch pennies for the present. Make sure your savings will pay off in the long run. Compromising on quality might cost you later on in repairs and replacements.

Adopt a predictive managerial style. Don't wait for things to happen to make a move. Anticipate problems and provide contingency plans.

Test your contingency plans. Waiting for disaster to strike is a dangerous way to find out if your emergency plans will hold. Test them out from time to time to fine-tune them and make sure they're still relevant.

Stand up for employees. If other departments or managers are bearing down hard on your employees, stand up for them.

Remember that ethics matter above all. Be honest and reliable in all of your business and personal relationships.

Some of this stuff is a bit corny, but if you follow these guidelines, I guarantee your projects will be more successful.

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