12 things I think (now that Apple's September 12 event is official)

Apple finally sent out formal invitations to its anticipated September 12 press event. Twelve knee-jerk reactions to the next iPhone and more.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Apple has officially sent out invitations to its September 12 press event in which the company is expected to unveil the next version of its most profitable device, the iPhone.

As always, we don't know any more details beyond the tagline: "It's almost here." Which could be about pretty much anything, including the pizza you ordered for your office gathering over an hour ago.

Given the pop cultural hype surrounding Apple, there's a rush of emotions with every new announcement.

Twelve things I think now that it's official:

1.) Oooh, the new iPhone!

2.) It's just a new iPhone. I mean, honestly.

3.) I hope it's not called the iPhone 5 -- despite the obvious reference in the invite above -- just so it annoys everyone who's been calling it the iPhone 5.

4.) How long can we go on with the numbering scheme, anyway? At what point does it become silly?

5.) When will Siri come out of beta and finally understand when I ask her to find me some hotspacho? (Will there be an Easter egg that turns Siri into Sam Jackson?)

6.) Is there a limit to thinness and lightness? A family member recently told me that he disliked Samsung's Galaxy S III because it felt too cheap. (He also disliked the iPhone 4S for feeling too small.)

7.) Ugh, everyone on the Internet is going to be insufferable for the next eight days. And another eight days after that.

8.) But oooh, a new iPhone!

9.) I wonder how the new iPhone's additional length will impact the phone-in-the-back-of-the-jeans-pocket situation. And the phone-in-the-jacket-pocket situation. This is critical, people.

10.) There's going to be a tremendous amount of hype in the North American and European markets, but the real story is how this device will perform for Apple in China and other developing markets where domination has proved elusive.

11.) Oooh, the new iPhone!

12.) Ugh, the new iPhone.

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