$150 HP TouchPad returns to BestBuy.com Nov. 1, but with a twist

This is your last chance to snag a 32 GB HP TouchPad at its firesale price from Best Buy.
Written by Gloria Sin, Inactive

Best Buy is selling off the last of its 32 GB HP TouchPads for $149.99 on its website now (November 4 in stores if there are any left), but you will only get the TouchPad at its firesale price with the purchase of a "qualifying HP laptop, desktop or all-in-one computer." On its FAQ page, Best Buy says Compaq laptops, desktops or all-in-ones also qualify for this deal. Alternatively, you could purchase just the 32 GB slate but the privilege of owning a piece of tablet history will cost you $599.99.

And don't think you could outsmart Best Buy by buying the computing bundle only to return everything but the TouchPad later: the retailer will charge you $450 in price difference as if you purchased just the tablet for $599.99. For those who are still holding out hope for more $99 16 GB TouchPads, you will have to rely on eBay and Craigslist sellers now as HP just announced today that the 16 GB is now completely sold out everywhere and won't ever come back again.

Considering the cheapest HP laptop available on BestBuy.com is the $280 HP Mini (assuming it qualifies for the deal), you could theoretically get a netbook and a TouchPad for less than the price of a 16 GB iPad 2! For most users, HP products are more than sufficient to surf the Web and get things done, and the TouchPad running webOS is an easy tablet to love, so this is a great way to stretch your dollar just as you start your holiday shopping this year -- assuming Best Buy has any TouchPad left, of course.

[Source: BestBuy.com, CNET; Photo: BestBuy.com]


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