20 most satisfying jobs of 2014

Some surprising job titles make this year's list of "happiest" jobs.
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer
Salary doesn't buy happiness in the career world. Some of the jobs delivering the highest levels of satisfaction don't necessarily command the highest incomes. But maybe that's why some miserable jobs pay so well, right?
CareerBliss just released its list of what it calls the top 20 "happiest" jobs. The list is compiled based on an analysis of the site's online job database of about 450 different job titles and 57,000 CareerBliss reviews over the past year.
Here are what the site considers to be its "happiest" jobs, along with average salaries. According to CareerBliss, the jobs are ranked based on a series of ratings plotted on a scale of one to five, covering work-life balance; relationship with coworkers; work environment; job resources; compensation; growth opportunities; company culture; and daily tasks.
A couple of surprises: Two finance positions made the list. Loan officer is number 4. College professor and school teacher did not make the top 20. Nor did any position related to entertainment. I would rank "entrepreneur" as ultimately one of the happiest jobs (with an average income of anywhere between $0 and $200,000), but the happiness gets counterbalanced by the stress. (Here is a list of the 10 most stressful jobs, by the way.) Some of these top 20 -- marketing and IT consultant -- may be entrepreneurial roles.
  1. Research/Teaching Assistant   ($33,600)
  2. QA Analyst    ($58,000)
  3. Realtor   ($53,800)
  4. Loan Officer    ($54,200)  
  5. Sale Representative   ($62,400)
  6. Controller  ($64,100)
  7. HR Manager  ($64,800)
  8. Software Engineer/Developer ($75,800)
  9. Intern ($36,500)
  10. Team Leader  ($67,000)
  11. Construction Manager  ($72,400)
  12. Facilities Manager  ($59,200)
  13. Marketing Consultant  ($74,300)
  14. Contractor   ($63,200)
  15. Designer  ($65,900)
  16. Finance Manager  ($64,100)
  17. Network Engineer  ($85,500)
  18. Property Manager  ($46,800)
  19. IT Consultant  $77,500)
  20. General Manager (Retail)   ($65,400)

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