2010 resolutions: Open-source, social media, representation and surviving surgery

With 2010 already under way, resolutions of mine include embracing more open-source, representing students and surviving brain surgery. What are yours?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

This blog means more to me than just a job, or progressing my career. It gives me an opportunity to discuss, raise issues, and have a laugh. But also on occasion, give the readers what they want - the technological equivalent of a Britney Spears exposé, like Internet Explorer not being secure enough or a peek at the new Office suite.

But along with it is an ever progressing learning curve. I learn not only about myself but also what you, the readers think and feel. With this, my resolutions for this year are as follows:

Take advantage of, and learn more about open source

People seem to forget that Firefox is open source. They see it as a browser and probably don't even contemplate it anymore. But I haven't forgotten, and thankfully millions out there haven't either. My experience with the Linux-based Maemo operating system on the Nokia N900 opened my eyes to open source and Linux.


This year I'll attempt to break away from the usual Windows based operating system, experiment with Mac OS X a bit further (considering I still haven't clocked up a full hour usage yet), and try and get my head around the innards of Linux, along with embracing other open-source Windows applications. Maybe I'll even go the whole hog and start on OpenOffice. I'll see how I get on first...

See the potential of social media during real world events

Social media is everywhere and accessible to everyone. While a daunting and no doubt incredibly controversial thing to say, the US and the UK are long overdue for a terror attack due to the high involvement with conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, confirmed by the attempt on a transatlantic flight on Christmas Day.

The role of social media and everyone communicating in the masses dedicated to one, single event, could save lives during these events. Mumbai was a perfect example, with the outside world learning of developments within the attack areas being reported by citizens and the 'hostages'.

With events of terror which are clearly not wanted but are to some extent inevitable, the role of social media will exponentially rise and be used as a force of good to clear up the panic and the confusion of the situations we will find ourselves in.

More representation for students from me and a million readers

I've had over the course of the two years I have written here into the millions of readers. I am so lucky to be a voice of the student population and frankly, I'm in a position to do good with this. I've represented students before and I think with the welfare work out of the way, I can do better with the force of my readership.


Students and the next generation worker are in a massive minority and I'm so proud to essentially serve you, that I want to make more of a difference. Speak out, say what others dare not say and represent the wider population of students who are facing the workplace in a year, two or even further down the line.

Survive brain surgery

This year, likely February or maybe March, I'll be going under for three weeks - not on here though, I'll be having my laptop in hospital - as I undergo groundbreaking brain surgery to attempt to cure a neurological illness I've been lumbered with.

With three weeks away from Canterbury, university, and hands-on studying, I'll need all the support I can with exams only a couple of months after. I'll be taking technology as my academic lifesaver and will use any means necessary with the kit that I have to ensure my learning takes precedence and that my studies go uninterrupted.

What are your tech resolutions? Comment monster needs feeding.

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