29% of mobile web users intend to buy Apple iPad 3

This week much of the focus will be on Apple's iPad 3 announcement taking place on March 7th. A recent survey found that nearly 30% of mobile web users are planning to get a new iPad and as usual we can expect less supply than demand from Apple.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As Kevin and I discussed during MobileTechRoundup show #261 I am most likely going to buy a new iPad when Apple makes the announcement this Wednesday. The folks at InMobi, the largest independent mobile ad network, conducted a recent iPad-focused survey on the rumored new iPad and announced the results on Friday.

In addition to the headline result, 29% of respondents are planning to buy the iPad 3, they gathered responses to several other questions that show some interesting results. As stated in the press release, key highlights from the study include:

  • 29% of respondents are planning to buy the iPad 3. 54% of those who are planning to buy the iPad 3 do not already own a tablet.
  • 65% of those who intend to buy an iPad 3 would also consider buying an iPad or iPad 2 at a reduced price instead.
  • 50% of those surveyed who intend to buy the iPad 3 are willing to pay over $500. If the iPad 3 is over $599, however, 57% of those surveyed would opt for an older model instead.
  • 44% of respondents would not consider another tablet brand instead of the iPad. Amongst those who would consider other brands, however, the Samsung Galaxy took second place, with 27% of respondents saying they would consider buying it. 14% said they would consider a Kindle.
  • The features respondents are most looking forward to are faster processor speed (57%), followed by better battery life (47%), a higher-quality screen (46%), and 4G connectivity (43%).
  • 51% of respondents would purchase the iPad 3 for entertainment over business or education.

InMobi: Most Anticipated Features Among Mobile Web Users Intending to Purchase iPad 3


% of respondents who want this feature

Faster processor speed


Better battery life


Higher quality screen


4G connectivity


Better camera


Size & weight


If I would have taken the survey, my number one feature would be the higher resolution display. I have yet to find an issue with the current processor and have never questioned the battery life. I was surprised to see "better battery life" something people looked forward to as the 2nd highest factor and wonder if these folks don't own an iPad so maybe are not familiar with such outstanding battery life.

I see the Samsung Galaxy Tab brand took 2nd place and I would have to agree that the Tabs are the best high end tablets that offer comparable experiences to the iPad.

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