3 free ways to turn your Net connection into a screamer

No matter how you connect to the Internet, it's never fast enough. You've got files to download, pages to see. So don't just wait there. Preston's got three free downloads to help speed up your surfing.
Written by Preston Gralla, Contributor

No matter how fast your Internet connection is, it's too slow. Whether you connect via a pokey dial-up modem or a faster cable or DSL modem, you need a faster connection.

ZDNet Downloads can help you speed up your online life with Internet pick-me-ups. Check out these three programs that will turn your Net connection into a screamer. And you won't have to pay a penny for any of them--they're all free.

NetSonic takes a clever approach to speeding up your Web browsing. It stores frequently visited Web sites in its cache, and then delivers them to you locally for faster surfing. It will also check to see whether the site has changed, and update the page for you. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

SpeedNet offers a suite of tools for speeding up your Internet experience. It includes a download accelerator that speeds up downloads, tweaks your internal settings to speed up general Net access, and several other utilities. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Web Optimizer 3000 changes network settings in your Registry, leading to a faster connection. You can restore your original settings in a single click if you want. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Don't just wait there--do something! Check out these three downloads and stop waiting while you surf.

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