39 design patterns to boost your cloud architecture

CloudPatterns.org, a community site for documenting patterns for cloud computing platforms and architectures, has been launched.
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

Arcitura Education, which has long been leading the way in service-oriented architecture and cloud thought leadership, has just launched CloudPatterns.org, a community site for documenting master patterns for cloud computing platforms and architectures.

The site is similar to SOA patterns, which cataloges key design patterns for service oriented architecture. Arcitura president Thomas Erl is the organizer behind both efforts. The goal of both is the same: to identify patterns that map modular, technology-centric solutions to business problems. The effort to document patterns and mechanisms "provides an extremely concrete view of cloud architecture layers and the individual building blocks that represent the moving parts that can be assembled in creative ways to leverage cloud environments for business automation," according to Arcitura.

Patterns described at the site include the following. These patterns also are assembled together to provide "compound patterns" that tackle contemporary cloud delivery and deployment models (such as public cloud, IaaS, etc.). At the time of this posting, there were 39 design patterns and 13 compound patterns:

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