4G provision in Brazil sees mixed results

Availability improves while speeds stagnate, says OpenSignal.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

4G provision in Brazil has seen mixed results over the last six months, according to a new report.

The second Mobile Networks Update for Brazil by UK research firm OpenSignal considered metrics such as availability, average download and upload speeds as well as latency.

4G availability in the country has seen a "notable increase" over the period on three of Brazil's four national LTE providers.

The biggest availability gains were delivered by América Móvil's Claro and Telecom Italia's TIM, the report says, with 4G availability scores both climbing 4 percentage points. For TIM in particular, users were able to tap into a LTE signal 75.9 percent of the time.

While 4G availability increased, the reported noted that download speed on that spectrum in Brazil hit a period of stagnation, with no operator registering an improvement in that regard over the period. In fact, slight decreases in average 4G download speeds are noted in the report.

According to the study, Claro offers the best 4G of the country, with a speed of 28.1 Mpbs for downloads while Oi, owned by Pharol (formerly Portugal Telecom) is at the bottom of the ranking with a speed of 13.1 Mbps.

The research considered some 6,4 billion datapoints collected from 372,841 users between March and May.

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