5 (very unlikely) things I'd like to see announced at WWDC 2013

Apple's WWDC 2013 kicks on Monday with a keynote speech. Here are five things, all of which are highly unlikely, that I'm holding out hope for during that speech.

Apple's WWDC 2013 kicks off with the keynote on Monday, and I think we already have a pretty good idea of what Apple will unveil at the event. But that doesn't mean that I can't throw a few last minute wishes into the ether.

Join me while I throw a few coins down the WWDC wishing well. Who knows, we might get lucky!


Pah, who wants an iWatch when you could instead have iGlass?

I think that the wearable computer revolution is just beginning, and devices such as Google Glass will be joined by the iGlass and Kindle Glass.

Google has hit the ground running with Glass, and while the project has attracted a lot of negativity and criticism – mostly revolving around privacy – the idea that a company like Apple would just roll over and hand the embryonic market over to a competitor is crazy.

Rest assured that the best and brightest in Cupertino are plowing energy and dollars into wearable computers right now. And I know another thing for sure, I want one!

Mac tablet

Yes, I know that Apple sell millions of iPad every quarter, but what I want – actually, what I really, really want – is an OS X-powered tablet.

Why? Why now!

I do a lot of heavy editing in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro on my Mac, and I use a Wacom tablet. I'd like a tablet because I could edit direct on the screen. Sure, I could get something like a Wacom Cintiq, which combines a screen into a tablet, but I'd love the portable power that something like a Haswell-powered OS X tablet would offer.

I'm pretty sure that I'd pay a pretty penny for this hardware too. That said, I pay a pretty penny for all things Apple.

Free OS X updates

Apple has been slashing the price of OS X updates with each release for the past few years. I think it's time for the Cupertino bean counters to truly free OS X and make it frère to all Mac users.

And why not? It keep everyone with compatible hardware up to date, and it would encourage people with old, incompatible hardware to upgrade. A win-win situation for Apple.

Apple TV

Yes Apple, please release that mythical TV that analysts and pundits have been talking about for years now.

Sure, I can use an AppleTV set-top box to connect my Apple-branded devices to my TV, but increasingly I'm feeling that integrating that functionality into the TV itself would make it easier to use.

For one thing it would mean needing one remote control as opposed to two.

Cross platform iCloud

Why, oh why is iCloud an iOS/OS X only thing? Why if I want to share files with Windows or Android to I have to turn to third-party solutions such as Dropbox? Same with iMessage?

I'm not suggesting that Apple give Windows and Android users the full iCloud experience, but a partial iCloud experience would help, perhaps with an option for those with a Mac or iOS device to get access to more features.

Make Macs user-upgradable

About the only think I don't like about my MacBook Pro is the fact that Apple's design decisions make it essentially non-upgradable. Getting into the device is a challenge, and once in there you find that the SSD is proprietary and the RAM is soldered directly onto the motherboard.

Can we please return to a time when at least RAM was upgradable in Macs? Is this too much to ask?


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