50 'digital capitals' of the U.S.

The Internet connects us with the world, but also with our local communities. Here are the U.S. cities best using the digital space to their economic advantage.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

The 97 percent of Americans who use the Internet are able to connect with ideas, people, and businesses around the world. But as much as being connected broadens their worldview it also helps make connections on a local level.

It's that thinking which led Google to team with Ipsos, an independent research firm, to find out which cities and towns in the United States have done the most to leverage the web to grow businesses and the local economy.

The result? A "digital capital" for each of the 50 states:

(Here's how they came up with the these 50.)

In the U.S., the benefit to businesses of going digital can hardly be understated. According to Google, businesses that are online expect to grow 40 percent faster than those without a digital presence and that, in turn, is a benefit to their cities.

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