500+ features coming to a Windows Phone 7 "Mango" tomorrow?

Here are close to 30 features that are confirmed and rumored to be part of the "Mango" update for the WP7. What could the other 470 be?
Written by Gloria Sin, Inactive

The popularity of gadgets are rarely decided by the length of their spec sheet or for having the best design. But Microsoft clearly did not get that memo as CEO Steve Ballmer hinted the new "Mango" update for the Windows Phone 7 will have over 500 new features at the Japanese Microsoft Developer Conference today.

Live.side.net is keeping track of all the known and rumored features with corresponding screenshots of what we can look forward to in the "Mango" update, ahead of tomorrow's concurrent announcements in New York and London at 10 am Eastern.

I've already reported on some of the main Mango features announced at the Microsoft TechEd 2011 conference a couple of weeks ago: "pinnable" email folders, improved copy and paste function, server search for legacy emails, Lync Mobile, conversation view in Outlook, the ability to share documents in the cloud, as well as improved enterprise support in protecting the security of corporate documents and within Wi-Fi zones.

Other confirmed features include:

  • Third-party Multi-tasking
  • Twitter integration in People Hub
  • Office 365 and SkyDrive support in Office Hub
  • Internet Explorer 9 Mobile
  • Improved application discovery
  • Custom ringtones support
  • Over-the-air Podcasts Download
  • Better marketplace navigation
  • Bing Search "Extras"
  • Multiple Live Tiles per app
  • Revamped Games Hub
  • Expanded language support
  • Configurable background services
  • Microsoft Lync Mobile app
  • 1500+ New APIs (Motion Sensor, Gyro, Sockets, Database and more)
  • Private and Beta Marketplace and Parental Controls

Rumored features include:

  • Bing Vision and Bing Audio
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • SMS Dictation
  • Built-in Messenger and Facebook Chat in Messaging and People Hub
  • Automatic Games Sync via Xbox LIVE
  • Group Messaging
  • Artist Art on Lock Screen
  • Smart DJ Mix support
  • Camera shutter sound toggle
  • Built-in Facebook check-in and video upload support
  • Visual Voicemail

It's hard to tell from a list whether any feature will be compelling enough to convince consumers to buy a WP7 over an Android or iOS device. After all, the feature doesn't tell the whole story, and the way it is integrated within the mobile experience is also an important factor in making users excited about a particular platform. I'm intrigued by what developers are able to do with the built-in motion sensor but not sure when I would need to dictate a SMS (hopefully this feature stays a rumor).
500 is a long list and I've listed less than 30 possibilities here, so tell me what feature would you like to hear about tomorrow!

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