7- and 10-inch iSlates to debut January 26? Wait, what?

The latest rumors making the rounds say that Apple is putting the finishing touches on a 7- (and possibly a 10-inch) tablet called "iSlate" that will be announced on January 26.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

What happens when I take a little time off to break bread with family and shovel out from under a blizzard? A flurry of Apple-related tablet rumors surfaced over the weekend, that's what! According to the latest rumors making the rounds Apple is prepping a 7- (and possibly a 10-inch) tablet called the iSlate for its public debut on January 26.

The Financial Times reports that Apple has scheduled a media event in San Francisco on Tuesday January 26, 2010, for what it calls a "major product announcement." Meanwhile BGR says that "there is 100%" chance of a 7-inch tablet (in addition to 10-inch?). To top it all off, Apple registered iSlate.com under an anonymous Delaware corporation in 2007.

All this should be taken with more salt than the plate of Christmas dinner that I fixed myself Friday night. As Gruber deftly notes, just because Apple trademarks or patents iThis or iThat doesn't mean that it's actually going to make it.

As for me, I'm an optimist and fully believe that where there's smoke there's fire.

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