7 tips for managing your email

How to transform your inbox from a constant, cluttered stream of messages into an effective communication tool.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

Even if you aren't a public figure, like our esteemed editor who has 55,000 unread emails staring back at him every day, the email inbox can quickly spiral into a constant, cluttered stream of messages rather than an effective communication tool.

But there are ways to reclaim your email. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner reveals his secrets for a stress-free inbox with these seven tips:

  1. Send fewer emails.
  2. Take advantage of the "mark as unread" tool to prioritize messages.
  3. Get in an email routine (so you aren't emailing all day).
  4. Avoid ambiguous emails to avoid unnecessary followup emails.
  5. Put only the most important recipients in the To: field (cc: everyone else).
  6. Let a sender know you received their email ("Got it.") to reduce follow-up emails.
  7. Don't use email for highly nuanced and sensitive subjects.

Of course, everyone has their own email idiosyncrasies. Add your own tips for turning your inbox into a happy place in the comment section.

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