A future starring ubiquitous touchscreens

Photovoltaic glassmaker Corning presents an updated vision of a glass-filled future, alerting video viewers to what is actually possible now.
Written by Hannah Waters, Weekend Editor

A year ago, specialty glassmaker Corning released a Youtube video showcasing the company’s vision of our future filled with glass technology, which now has more than 17 million views. This week they released an updated version — with a twist.

The original video followed a normal day for a nuclear family, but in a world where every surface was inlaid with the company’s photovoltaic glass. As the video portrays, the technology could one day allow all surfaces to act as touchscreens, creating the possibility of checking email in the mirror while brushing your teeth or transferring images from fridge to phone to wall display with the swipe of a finger.

More than anything, it’s a vision of a world where technology is embedded everywhere in our lives: at home, work, school, and even the shopping mall.

While the video inspired many, some viewers were skeptical about just how soon this future could arrive. “Many left comments on YouTube asking which technology is actually possible with today’s resources and pricing,” Mashable explains.

So this time around, the video stars a narrator, who pauses each scene to explain what technologies are available now, and which are still more distant dreams.

Take a look at the video here. Do you think they do enough to explain what is truly possible?

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