A glimpse of the future, at breakneck speed

Filmmaker Jason Silva's latest work spans technology, science and art to build, in the span of two minutes, a rapidly accelerating vehicle for futuristic epiphany. Here's a look.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Jason Silva's enthusiasm is infectious.

The former Current TV host has spent the better part of the last few years spreading the gospel of the future, through short video productions that span technology, science and art.

On Saturday, I got a taste of his latest work at The Economist's World in 2012 conference in New York. It made me hopeful, anxious and a little neurotic all the same.

Silva's video, "The Beginning of Infinity," is a 110-mile-per-hour trip (and I do mean trip) through his enthusiasm for today's inventions and tomorrow's possibilities. It's a collaboration with the Imaginary Foundation.

Less technical than spiritual, Silva's production style layers optimism in humanity's ability to surmount its largest problems at neck-snapping speed. It is, simply, a triple shot of wonder.

Here's a look:

THE BEGINNING OF INFINITY from jason silva on Vimeo.

We at SmartPlanet tend to speak in far more measured tones, but I like Silva's passion. (And if you ever have the pleasure to meet him as I did, you'll learn that that passion is genuine.)

While we're focused on the commercial implications of global innovation, Silva's the guy out in front on the edge of what's known, waving his flag enthusiastically and inspiring us to move forward. We dig it.

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