A look at Richard Branson's underwater plane

Richard Branson tested out his underwater plane, Necker Nymph, in shallow waters. Branson gave the Oprah Winfrey Show a sneak peak of his 74-acre island.
Written by Boonsri Dickinson, Contributing Editor

Meet Necker Nymph, a brand new mini sub that flies like an underwater plane. It's outfitted with scuba gear, so the ride lasts as long as your air lasts. As the sub swims through shallow waters, the fish won't shy away because it is battery operated.

Virgin founder Richard Branson just took his toy Necker Numph for a ride (see video below).

The carbon-fiber underwater plane can fit 3-people: two guests with one Dive Pilot. The sub can travel 11km/hour and can go 18 meters to 30 meters deep.

However, you must be scuba certified to take the mini sub for a ride. As you can see, Oprah regular guest, Nick Berkus, was pretty upset that he couldn't hop in for the joyride. The Huffington Post reports:

According to Necker Island's blog, if you happen to be in Necker Island, you can also book a ride on the mini sub:

If you’re a guest staying on Necker Island with a thirst for adventure, Necker Nymph can be yours between May and October for US $25,000 for 7 nights.

Or perhaps you’ve hired our luxury catamaran Necker Belle exclusively? Satisfy your ‘need for speed’ and charter Necker Nymph for US $25,000 for 7 nights in November and December.

If you don't think you'll ever make it to the island, The Daily Mail's complete tour of Necker Island will have to suffice.

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