A new webtop nicely done

desktoptwo is a new webtop (web-based desktop) environment that has a few very nice things going for it.
Written by Marc Orchant, Contributor

I just discovered desktoptwo via Emily Chang's post at ehub. Nicely done as these things go. My favorite features so far:

  • You can map up to two existing POP3 e-mail accounts (like Gmail) to your web desktop rather than dealing with YAEA (yet another e-mail address)
  • An easy to set up blog with a nice GUI editor and some well-designed templates.
  • An excellent setup process with a clear expectations statement about the state of their beta release (version 0.7 at the moment) and who should (and should not) be using the beta. Sounds trivial - it is not IMO - more early beta releases need to do this.
desktoptwo provides e-mail, and address book, file storage, IM, a blog, and a web site editor in its toolkit and requires Flash, Acrobat Reader, and popup windows to function properly.
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