A note about Apple

Got that wrong, didn't I?

I was surprised not to see a Viiv equiped MacMini announced at Macworld yesterday and astonished to see both a high end Powerbook and an Intel based iMac - both things I predicted would not happen. Ooops...got that wrong, didn't I?

But, wait a minute: the MacBook Pro lists at exactly the same price as the old G4 Powerbook but has less of everything from screen real estate to battery life, connectivity, and multi-media capabilities -oh, and it's not actually available. And the iMac? not just a less for more change seemingly using the same CPU as the laptop (?) but it's being positioned as a family entertainment center - the role everyone expected the Viiv/mini to fill - and its not available yet either.

Since my instant reaction ("Intel can't meet either the price or the delivery requirements") is such an obvious rationalization for past beliefs, I think I'll keep my foot out of my mouth on this for a bit.

Instead, lets wait until the dust settles before doing a review and maybe apologizing for having been so wrong.


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