A novel definition of a SOA platform

Matsumura suspects that an open source UDDI registry is likely in the near future.
Written by Dana Gardner, Contributor
For all the talk of SOA benefits over the past three years, there remains an awful lot of fuzziness around the actual definition of a SOA platform. Seems that no matter who you ask to describe a SOA platform, you get a different answer.

So I put the question to Miko Matsumura, marketing honcho and standards guru at SOA registry maker Infravio. He provided a novel definition of the definition of a SOA platform in the BriefingsDirect podcast we recorded late last week. Miko, the former Java evangelist at Sun Microsystems, says a SOA platform needs to meet the same requirements as a good news story. If you get the who, what, where, when, and how of a service ... well, then you are close to producing a SOA platform, he says.

And the plain descriptors of a baseline UDDI registry don't cut it, which is why SOA registries are quickly evolving into tomorrow's services policy and governance engines. In the podcast, Miko and I also delve into why ESBs, as a subset of a SOA platform, are sprouting open source projects like mushrooms after an autumn rain, but UDDI registries remain commercial. Miko suspects that an open source UDDI/SOA registry is likely in the near future. I wouldn't be surprised if Infravio has something significant to do with that.
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