A Year Ago: Secure open source Web server debuts at Linux expo

The Stronghold Secure Web server proves that access to source code need not affect security
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Computer security firm C2Net announced the release of the new open source Stronghold Secure Web server at the European Linux Expo in London, Friday.

The product from this US-based company is based on the open source Apache Web server and features 128-bit encryption.

Open Source software enabling secure Web transactions contradicts the assumption that access to source code weakens security.

According to Web survey source Netcraft, over 60 percent of all sites on the Internet run Apache.

The product has met with approval from the software development community.

"I appreciate that Stronghold's SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) engine is now based on the robust and popular Open Source software we develop," says Open Source developer Ralf Engelschall of the OpenSSL project.

"Especially because C2Net always closely cooperated with our projects and even made parts of the Stronghold 3 technology freely available to the Open Source community."

Stronghold 3 costs $995 (£659) although an evaluation version can be downloaded from the C2Net web site.

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