Accenture launches new private cloud for SAP applications

Accenture has unveiled a new private cloud platform that promises to lower costs while boosting performance and supporting SAP solutions.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Accenture is rolling out a new private cloud solution based upon new SAP technologies.

This private cloud is touted as one that can offer the same benefits as an off-premise to public cloud transfer, but with the level of data security and integrity found typically with on-premise legacy technologies.

Accenture's private cloud also rests on two key features to cloud computing in general: easy migration while lowering costs.

This will be accomplished with the transparent migration of two SAP properties that will manage the infrastructure: the ERP software suite, which supports tailored business processes and operations, and the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component, which integrates data warehousing capabilities on a scalable platform.

Accenture built upon its partner base even more as the private cloud is based upon Cisco's Unified Computing System, which is touted to enable clients to move from large and expensive servers to smaller yet more efficient virtualized system running on lower-cost microprocessors.

Initially focusing on customers with older SAP systems in need of an upgrade, the overall cloud solution can be set up in less than six months at a fixed price. Accenture will manage the applications and infrastructure being delivered to the client.


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