Accenture to boost its security capabilities with acquisition of Arismore and iDefense

Accenture announced on Monday that it has completed its purchase of security businesses Arismore and iDefense.
Written by Tas Bindi, Contributor

Professional services company Accenture announced on Monday that it has completed its acquisitions of Arismore and iDefense from VeriSign.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Saint-Cloud, France, Arismore provides enterprise architecture and a range of security services to European organisations across the telecommunications, media, retail, energy, transportation, banking, insurance, and government sectors. One of Arismore's products include Memority, an Identity-as-a-Service platform designed for enterprise user governance.

Kelly Bissell, managing director at Accenture Security, said the Arismore acquisition will boost the company's presence in Europe, as well as bolster its own identity management services.

The company has also announced the completed acquisition of iDefense, a cyber threat intelligence and real-time security analysis business that was founded in 1998 and acquired by VeriSign for $40 million in 2005. As part of the acquisition, Accenture will be able to count iDefense's threat analysis platform IntelGraph in its portfolio.

Bissell said the iDefense acquisition increases Accenture's threat intelligence capabilities including the ability to get closer to where threats are propagating. The iDefense acquisition will also give Accenture's cyber intelligence platform a boost thanks to nearly 20 years worth of historical data.

Launched in March last year, the cyber intelligence platform uses machine learning and streaming data analysis to detect anomalies and predict cyber threats based on DNS data coming from a company's existing network components.

As part of Accenture's push to improve its government security portfolio, Accenture announced in October last year that it would be acquiring Defence Point Security, which specialises in Security Operations Centre (SOC) expertise, cyber operations, security engineering, cyber analytics, education, and training. DPS counts the US government among its clients.

A couple of months prior to the DPS acquisition announcement, Accenture launched the FusionX incident response service to help customers prepare and respond to cyber threats. The company acquired FusionX, whose specialities include cyber attack simulation and threat modelling, back in August 2015.

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