ActiveWords and PenCommander enhance the UMPC experience

Handwriting on your display can be a bit tedious at first, but with amazing utilities like ActiveWord and PenCommander you can insert text, launch applications, visit websites, and more with a simple pen stroke. At least one of these applications should be loaded on your UMPC or Tablet PC to make you more productive.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As a UMPC user and fan, I have my Samsung Q1 loaded up with applications to help me be more productive. For those of you who use a UMPC or slate Tablet PC you know that it took some effort and a bit of change in work methods to get the hang of using your stylus for text entry and operation of your mobile PC. One very valuable tool I discovered after meeting the very energetic Buzz Bruggeman was ActiveWords. This US$49.95 application (you need the Pro version for ink support) allows you to launch applications, insert text, open documents, navigate to websites, create custom scripts and so much more with a simple letter, word, or script entered on your display. I find it to be even more valuable on a UMPC since you are dealing with a smaller display than a Tablet PC and the Start menu can get crowded if you load up lots of applications. If you haven't tried ActiveWords on your UMPC I highly recommend you download and try it with the very generous 60-day trial version.


I read the news on Only UMPC that PhatWare just released a UMPC-optimized version of Visual PenCommander. The PenCommander product has been available in their Pocket PC Calligrapher handwriting recognition software that I used in the past on my devices. Reading through their website it appears that PenCommander performs many of the same functions as ActiveWords and retails for US$24.95. PenCommander allows you to insert text, launch documents, and setup custom scripts. I'll have to try out PenCommander now and see how it compares to ActiveWords. Do you use one of these products on your Tablet PC?

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