Ad-Juster data helps digital publishers access higher ad revenues

The FlowIQ service provides real market data on ad pricing and industry trends for the first time.
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor
(Image: Ad-Juster)

Ad-Juster is offering online publishers access to key advertising data pricing that will enable them to gain extra revenues for their publications and compare their performance against others in their sector.

The FlowIQ Benchmark data is the first such service of its kind, and publishers will be able to use it to find ways of boosting revenues through better ad pricing. They'll also receive early notification about trends such as demand for new types of ad formats.

San Diego-based Ad-Juster focuses on data integration for publishers to help them manage and improve ad revenues. Its clients are the majority of the top 100 publishers, and it analyzes more than 1.2 trillion ad impressions and 2.3 billion clicks each month. 

"We have been working for twelve years with all the largest publishers and we have been collecting this data but we've haven't shared that data with anyone. Our clients are now saying that they would like to see that data and that it's OK to use their information in the FlowIQ Benchmark," said Dan Lawton, chief marketing officer at Ad-Juster. "It is very exciting to be finally able to offer this valuable data service."

Lawton said that publishers have never before had access information and it will allow them to set more accurate ad prices without having to estimate prices based on partial industry data. 

FlowIQ enables ad sales teams to drill down on different types of ad formats and specific segments and match them with available inventory.

It can also alert clients to industry demand for specific segments or ad formats. It includes seasonal data showing periods when click-throughs are much higher than normal. 

Online publishers receive as little as 40% of advertising spend by brands, with media-buying agencies and other third-party services taking the rest. Ad-Juster analyzes more than $12 billion of ad revenues annually and is working toward building direct contact between publishers and brand advertisers.

Publishers have had very little access to data about ad performance unlike the brands and the media buyers. Also, programmatic media buying has worked against publishers because it targets their readers regardless of the web site -- making it difficult to reap the benefits of quality content. 

Several large brand advertisers have begun to in-house their media buying and save huge amounts of money, and publishers gain revenues that were taken by third-party services.

Ad-Juster was acquired last year by DoubleVerify, which works with brands to make sure that their ads are seen by real people. There is a huge amount of fraud in the ad industry where brands pay for ads that aren't seen by anyone. 

With DoubleVerify working with brand advertisers and Ad-Justers with publishers, the merger will help build a more direct relationship with advertisers and cut-out high-cost media agencies.

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