Adaptec and Intel develop Inifiniband technology

Adaptec and Intel combine forces to develop Infiniband technology that connects servers to external storage.
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SINGAPORE - Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADPT) announced that it is working together with Intel to develop Infiniband technology that connects servers to external storage.

Adaptec's early InfiniBand product development efforts, which make use of components from Intel's Fabric Components Division, further establishes the growing momentum behind the InfiniBand architecture, and helps assure availability of storage solutions in the timeframe that complements the first major OEM InfiniBand server introductions.

"We are committed to having InfiniBand I/O solutions available in time for the first major InfiniBand server launches," Jim Comstock, Vice President for Storage Networking Solutions at Adaptec.

Adaptec will demonstrate InfiniBand technology at the Intel Developer Forum, August 22 through August 24, in San Jose, California.

Adaptec is in a unique position to help the industry develop new InfiniBand storage I/O solutions because of its successful history of providing SCSI and RAID I/O solutions. The company brings to the InfiniBand architecture its know-how in developing industry-wide standards, interoperability expertise, and a long history of working closely with server architectures through its partnerships with every major server OEM.

The InfiniBand development efforts follow Adaptec's formation of the Storage Networking Solutions Group earlier this year. The group is focused on broadening the SAN marketplace by bringing new storage fabric technologies to market. Storage fabric solutions provide customers with a lower cost of management, increased data availability, and higher levels of performance and scalability. Adaptec is committed to providing the best Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and EtherStorage storage fabric products for a wide range of customer environments.

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