Add a Qi charging mount to your car for $20.99

The best of both worlds: a phone mount and wireless power!
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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Petssence, though? Really?


Regular BBH readers know that I'm a firm believer in car mounts for phones. Get that screen up near your line of sight, would ya?

Of course, you also need to keep the phone charged while you're out visiting clients, and normally that would mean futzing with a charging cable.

Or not, if your phone supports Qi wireless charging -- and you snag today's deal.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Tech Fanatic (via Amazon) has the Petssence Qi Car Mount for $20.99 when you apply promo code FXIGF9O7. And, no, I didn't make up that brand name. Seriously, I don't know how some of these companies come up with those...

This is a universal mount that can attach to an air vent or suction to your dashboard or windshield. It relies on a 3-arm holster that can accommodate pretty much any phone, though the description expressly calls out the iPhone 8, iPhone X and various Samsung models.

Not shown anywhere, but included, is a cigarette-lighter adapter and, of course, the cord that runs to it from the mount. (That power's gotta come from somewhere!)

The integrated Qi pad supports QC 2.0 for "fast" charging, though just how fast it'll be depends on your phone, your case, etc.

Although the mount shows a 4.5-star average rating from over 30 buyers, you might need to take that with a grain of salt. Review-analysis sites Fakespot and ReviewMeta both indicate that a number of those reviews are "unnatural" or of "low quality."

Does that mean the product is poor? Most definitely not. It simply indicates that some of the reviews might not be legitimate. Strip those questionable ones away, however, and you're still left with a 4.5-star average (at least according to ReviewMeta).

For $21 out the door, this is almost certainly worth a try. My only concern is the return/replacement policy, which is just three months. (Remember, though, your credit card will likely double that.)

Your thoughts?

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