Adobe adds anomaly detection, new mobile SDK to Marketing Cloud

Adobe's fall release promises to increase efficiency with big upgrades around mobile app and video analytics.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Despite a major cyber attack on its burgeoning cloud platform recently, Adobe is moving full steam ahead with regularly scheduled updates to its Marketing Cloud.

Tuesday's announcement hones in on Adobe Analytics, an element of the platform targeted towards sales and marketing teams that delivers real-time reporting and visualizations based on social and other online ad campaigns.

The major hotspots for the fall release are video and mobile data tracking.

For video, Adobe has upgraded the metrics to capture user data every 10 seconds for content and every five seconds for online ads using "heartbeat" measurements, which are described to aggregate this data and then display it in Adobe Analytics for quicker insights and turnarounds.

The mobile update taps more into the development side with a new mobile app SDK that is designed to offer better access to data generated by mobile apps based on Adobe Analytics. One of the new features is a rather basic but essential one: GPS location.

Offering location-specific content based on location determined by mobile apps isn't a novel concept, but it makes sense that Adobe adds this capability sooner rather than later.

Along with other routine improvements around real-time data reporting, Adobe has added anomaly detection that should immediately alert Analytics users when unusual data points turn up, either reflecting a glitch in the system or perhaps something much more critical on a business basis.

A specific release date hasn't been published yet, but these features are scheduled to be rolled out to customers over the next quarter.

Image via Adobe

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