Adobe aims Marketing Cloud at programmatic ads

Adobe is launching Media Optimizer to gauge returns on programmatic advertisers and plotting a video monetization service.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Adobe on Wednesday launched self-serve tools for programmatic advertising via its Media Optimizer, part of its Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The pitch to chief marketing officers is that Adobe can pull together data and control of ad spending across search, display and social media in a transparent way. Many of the tools from the likes of Google, Facebook and others are tied to advertising companies or publishers.

Programmatic ads are largely automated and sold on exchanges.

According to Justin Merickel, senior director of advertising solutions at Adobe, Media Optimizer is tightly integrated with its audience management and analytics tools.

Merickel added that Adobe's Creative Cloud will also be integrated with the advertising platform so marketers can track, refine and test content against various audience segments. About 75 percent of digital ad transactions will be automated via exchanges.


Media Optimizer will include the following:

  • Real-time optimization around creative assets along with profiling, audience segmenting and content sharing.
  • Transparency and control features within real-time dashboard and integration with other data sources.
  • Integration with ad networks from the likes of Google, Facebook, Rubicon and others. Real-time bidding will be enabled with automated spending recommendations.
  • Workflow and service tools to manage campaigns.

In addition, Adobe outlined a programmatic ad offering for its Adobe Primetime television platform. The idea is that broadcasters will increasingly look to programmatic advertising across multiple screens, optimize pricing and inventory across screens.

The programmatic features in Adobe Primetime will be available in a beta today.

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