Adobe aims to connect data, content delivery in Experience Manager, clouds

With U.S. consumers spending a third of their day or more with digital content consumption, brands have to get smarter about engaging.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Adobe is layering artificial intelligence throughout its Experience Manager to better choose content, personalize and tailor images for multiple screens.

The effort comes amid an Adobe survey that found U.S. consumers spend 7.8 hours a day engaging with digital content. That figure checks in at 11.1 hours a day engaging with digital content for teenagers.

In other words, brands have to create content, iterate and then personalize via data. Typically, content creators, marketers and data analysts operate in separate silos.

Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing at Adobe, said data and machine learning can improve content delivery. "There's an opportunity to use data to improve consumer experiences," said Stark. "Customers are spending a third of their day engaging with digital content. Brands have to engage."

Stark added that machine learning can also provide content cues that will help brands engage customers. Here's a look at some content mistakes that can be minimized with AI across multiple screens.


Adobe's AI effort, wrapped into its Sensei machine learning framework, pulls together content in Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud and provides integration.


Among the key items:

  • Smart Tags, which finds relevant images instantly for marketers. Adobe uses an algorithm to add metadata keywords that can be recognized in a company's image attributes and tag values. As the image library expands with its taxonomy, Adobe Sensei recognizes business images faster.
  • Content personalization via Smart Layout, which uses Sensei to pick layouts based on offers, profile and other data. Smart Layout pairs up with Adobe's New Fluid Experiences as well as Adobe Target for personalization.
  • Dynamic Media, which detects device and bandwidth and automates image scaling to save bandwidth and boost loading time. Images are also cropped automatically.
  • Workflows that connect Experience Manager within Creative Cloud apps. Adobe is putting Experience Manager Assets natively in Creative Cloud. 3D and Adobe Stock content will be able to used from within Creative Cloud.
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