Adobe brings new AI capabilities to Campaign

The software giant said the updates are focused primarily on email, which remains one of the key channels in a marketer's arsenal.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Adobe is introducing new AI capabilities in Marketing Cloud that aim to deliver real-time personalization tools for marketers. The software giant said the updates are focused on email, which remains one of the key channels in a marketer's arsenal. Boiled down, the new AI features in Campaign are meant to help brands automatically deliver the right experiences to the right individuals, at the most opportune time. 

More specifically, a new predictive send-time optimization feature analyzes sets of data to inform marketers when is the best and most effective time to send an email in order to increase open rates and maximize impact. The AI system is fed with historical data -- such as the interactions someone's had with a brand -- and bases recommendations on times that are likely to get the best lift. 

Similarly, the new predictive churn feature allows marketers to filter out people from an email campaign before they hit the threshold number of emails. The impetus here is that it's expensive to lose someone on a database, and marketers want to make sure they're not bothersome to the point where a person unsubscribes from a list. Predictive churn analyzes data and trending information to help determine if the next send is going to irritate the customer, and if so, they get removed from that email send. Both the predictive churn and send-time optimization capabilities are powered by Adobe Sensei and are in beta.

Another new feature is focused on predictive content. Innovation in email is tricky because of the format, so marketers try to be creative by making it more informative and less discount-oriented. Along those lines, Adobe will bring core offer management for email specifically this year. The feature provides a centralized repository from which marketers can assign offers based on customer preferences and interactions.

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Meanwhile, in an effort to cut down on the time it takes to manually build target lists for account-based marketing, Adobe's recently acquired marketing automation subsidiary Marketo is integrating AI into its ABM offering. The new ABM capability in Marketo Engage, called Account Profiling, is available today and aims to help sales and marketing teams collaborate on building the right target account lists. Adobe said account profiling is the industry's first marketing engagement tool to combine AI-driven predictive modeling and automation in a single ABM platform.

Adobe is also launching in beta a feature called triggered journeys. It lets brands automatically deliver real-time messages that are first initiated by an authenticated customer action. Adobe said the feature puts batch components side by side in the same application as these real-time journeys, flipping the paradigm of batch marketing to individual marketing. 

"We are leaning in on intelligence to leverage real-time actionability," said Kristin Naragon, director of product marketing for Adobe Campaign. "Data is relevant and powerful, but when you action against it in real time, that is when the actual power comes out. Data in real time is essential." 

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