Adobe pulls Creative Cloud update that deleted Apple Mac data

Faulty Adobe Creative Cloud update responsible deleting users' files from root directories
Written by Danny Palmer, Senior Writer

Backblaze noticed Adobe Creative Cloud was removing Mac user's files

Image: Backblaze

Adobe has replaced an Adobe Creative Cloud update which was deleting important Mac files without any permission from users.

The bug was spotted by Backblaze, an online data storage service which noticed that Adobe Creative Cloud was deleting users' files after being updated to version The bug deletes information from hidden root folders.

"We've encountered an issue on the Mac where Adobe Creative Cloud (version appears to be removing the contents of the first hidden folder at the root of the drive, in alphabetic order. By happenstance, the first hidden folder on most Backblaze customer's internal drive is the .bzvol folder," said a Backblaze blog on the bug.

The company also pointed out that it wasn't just Backblaze files which could be deleted, but potentially anything stored in a root directory. Backblaze has been disproportionately affected by the issue due to its name being near the very beginning of the alphabet, so at the top of Mac directories.

Users who didn't have Adobe Creative Cloud set to automatically update, or didn't immediately download version, weren't affected by the bug and Adobe removed the offending patch from being available to download.

Adobe Creative Cloud users who discovered their files had been deleted were understandably annoyed, taking to the likes of Reddit and Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Given that their users were so affected by the Creative Cloud deletion bug, Backblaze posted advice on what Mac users could do to restore their files; namely restore the system backup.

"If you do see empty folder and have a local backup, or another backup system, you may be able to restore that data from them. If not, you may want to contact Adobe for any help on this issue," it said in a blog post.

"On the 12 Feb we were notified that some customers had an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application. We removed the update from distribution and deployed a new one which addresses the issue," Adobe said in a statement on the issue.

Adobe removed the faulty patch shortly after being informed about it by Backblaze. The company has now issued an update and says users should have been prompted to install it. Users also have the option to download and install it directly for Mac and Windows.

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