Adobe releases public beta of Flash Player 10.1 for Android 2.2 devices

Adobe's Flash has been in the news a lot lately with Apple and Adobe going toe-to-toe. Adobe just released the public beta of Flash Player 10.1 for Android 2.2 devices and now we just need 2.2 devices to try it out.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

While the Google I/O conference is going on, Adobe made an announcement that ties into Google Android by posting that their Flash Player 10.1 software has gone into public beta release. Unfortunately, you will need to have Froyo (Android 2.2) running on your Google Android device to actually install this latest beta. We do not yet have word on when different Android devices will see this update, but all indications are that it will be quite soon.

The Adobe blog posts is a great read that discusses power and battery optimizations, maximimizing performance, conserving memory, and usability and interactivity. It sounds like a LOT of work went into creating Flash Player 10.1 and I am excited to try it out.

One thing I love about the HTC Google Android devices is the open developer community that provides us with the ability to switch ROMs on the device in minutes and test out the latest and greatest features. I will be looking to them to see if Froyo is released faster than updates through carriers so I can test out this latest Flash Player 10.1. We know that Froyo is coming to the Nexus One, Motorola DROID, HTC Incredible, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, and more.

Some smartphone journalists were sent Google Nexus One devices with Froyo and Flash Player 10.1 loaded on them to show off so check these articles out here:

I currently do not have a device with this loaded so I cannot offer my own personal comments on the player.

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