​Adobe's Creative Cloud overhaul infuses AI, multiple screens and sets stage for augmented, virtual reality

Adobe Max 2018 will highlight how Adobe is aiming to integrate its clouds in a way that appeals to creative pros and the enterprises that use their designs and projects.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Adobe unveiled a bevy of updates to its Creative Cloud in a bid to save creative pros time and clicks via artificial intelligence and machine learning, set the stage for new mediums and span multiple screens to make Apple's iPad a go-to design device.

The company's barrage of announcements, launched at the Adobe Max 2018 conference, highlight Adobe's juggling act of catering to creative pros while connecting them to business leaders who increasing use the company for tracking and analytics. "Content velocity" is a core theme for Adobe this year.

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Mala Sharma, vice president and general manager of Adobe's Creative Cloud unit, noted that 74 percent of creative pros spend more than 50 percent of their time on repetitive non-creative tasks. Adobe's Sensei AI technology aims to get creative pros to core tasks faster.

Adobe has added AI-powered features throughout its core applications such as Photoshop, which will take advantage of better specs on Apple's iPad, and Adobe XD, which is enabling voice app design. Adobe also previewed three new apps including Project Gemini, an effort to bring drawing to multiple screens, Aero for augmented reality design, and Photoshop CC on iPad.

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A new app called Premiere Rush CC is designed to help video creators edit faster and get content out on social sites faster. Premiere Rush CC is a all-in-one cross device video editing app. Using Sensei, Adobe is simplifying color, editing and sound to enable faster editing.

Adobe also tied together in-app learning and a home screen that adapts to your apps and tasks and offers challenges. "You can get to the home screen at any point in the workflow," said Sharma.

Here are some highlights and images from the key updates.

Project Aero is designed to enable AR projects without knowledge of coding. Sharma noted that Aero will "know coding and AR authoring" and be a tool that "gets designers," who will be able to create with "no knowledge of coding."


In addition, Aero will be integrated with the Creative Cloud portfolio. "All Creative apps will be AR aware," said Sharma.

Project Gemini is aimed at adding multiple brushes and surfaces across screen. These tools will be optimized for touch and enable creative pros to hop screens.


Photoshop CC on the iPad is a revamped Photoshop built for touch and gestures. Photoshop on the iPad will be available in 2019.

The big strategy

While Creative Cloud is the headliner, Adobe's master plan is to connect its base of creative pros with real business metrics and marketing chiefs.

Creative Cloud is tied into Adobe's Experience Cloud. The two efforts by Adobe are geared toward speeding up content creation and design, collaborating with marketers and business leaders and keeping customers in the fold with new experiences.

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Core items on the Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud integrations include:

  • Adobe Stock will be integrated into Experience Manager, a content management system. Marketers will be able to search, license and manage Adobe Stock assets.
  • The company also said it is partnering with GoPro to spot trending content for users. GoPro will specialize in aerial, lifestyle, time-lapse and outdoor video footage.
  • Experience Manager Assets and Adobe Dimension CC will be integrated for 3D content. Experience Manager Assets can have edited models, colors, weaves and materials that can be swapped into a 3D model.
  • Adobe also made Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative available so marketers can use assets from Creative Cloud directly into Adobe Advertising Cloud.

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