Advertisements could soon be coming to the Kindle Fire

Amazon is mulling over the possibility of bringing its Kindle Special Offers program to the Kindle Fire -- but there are some concerns.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor
Could the Kindle Fire could be getting its own sponsored advertisements?

Amazon's Kindle with Special Offers program has apparently been successful enough that the company is planning to expand it to the Kindle Fire, reports ADAge.

The news comes via two advertisement agency executives, both of whom decided not to work with Amazon due to the general vagueness of its plans. Amazon, for instance, isn't quite sure whether to offer the advertisements on already-purchased devices or just new ones.

That's a big detail to work out, as it has major consequences for the general user experience. Unlike with the Kindle with Special Offers, which is sold with the advertisement functionally built in, sending ads to a formerly ad-free Kindle Fire could make a lot of users angry -- not just at Amazon but at the advertised products as well. That's bad news for advertisers.

Offering an ad-sponsored Kindle would also likely allow Amazon to drop the price of the device by a fairly significant margin, making the $199 tablet even more of an impulse buy than it already is.

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