Agenda One brings PIM integration to Windows Mobile Smartphones

The default Calendar, Contacts, and Task applications on Windows Mobile Smartphones lack features and functionality and can be frustrating at times. Developer One just released an integrated PIM application that greatly improves this experience on these devices, especially on devices with landscape displays like the T-Mobile Dash.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

When I using Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition devices one of the first applications I loaded on my devices was either Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant. These integrated PIM applications bring together your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes so you can manage them from a single interface and connect them together. These suites are extremely powerful and full of a ton of features. And now we can get that same rich experience from Developer One's new Agenda One on a Windows Mobile Smartphone.

I started using a T-Mobile Dash last week and one area where my S60 Nokia E61 is better is in the Calendar application. On the Nokia E61 month view you can scroll to a date and the events of that day will pop-up so you can quickly see what your month looks like. The Windows Mobile month view is basically worthless as it requires you to actually select the day and then it goes to a day view to show you your data and is very inefficient. This aspect was one thing that actually really bugs me and was making the Dash less attractive of a choice for me. Then yesterday I found and installed Agenda One and it looks like my issue was solved.

Agenda One works extremely well on the landscape display of the T-Mobile Dash and just after trying it for about 45 minutes yesterday I am sold. After pressing View you will find see a pop-up navigation panel appear that lets you quickly select and jump to Today, Agenda, Week, Month, Tasks, Contacts, and Search screens. The Month view with the preview screen is my favorite view. There are a ton of customization options in the program, including the ability for you to have a custom image as a background. You can also use filtering to hide or show personal or business data to make managing your life a bit easier. Their new appointment creation utility allows you to create an appointment using only the navigational pad and is light years ahead of the Windows Mobile default interface. I highly recommend you try it out for free and if you like it as much as I do then you can pick it up for an introductory price of US$24.95 (regular price is US$29.95).

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