AI meets AR as ChatGPT is now available on the Apple Vision Pro

It's hard to not be excited about where this could go.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Apple Vision Pro in hand
June Wan/ZDNET

One of the biggest names in artificial intelligence is joining one of the biggest names in mixed reality, as OpenAI has released a VisionOS ChatGPT app for the Apple Vision Pro.

In a post announcing the app on X, OpenAI showed a video of a user asking ChatGPT browser to "Explain superconductors like I'm five years old" and receiving a simplified answer. 

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At first, this might seem a bit unnecessary: Bringing an app that doesn't have any 3D aspect at all and is largely text-based to a platform where the entire focus is 3D and augmented reality. Like mobile versions of the app, the Vision Pro version does allow users to speak their questions and replies, but that's about as interactive as it gets. 

While ChatGPT allows users to generate images, produce unique content, get advice, and solve problems, it doesn't have any applications that would be unique to the world of the Vision Pro -- yet, at least.

But it's intriguing to think about what this means for the future of AI and AR together. Aside from simply speaking to AI and having a conversation, imagine sending an image straight from your field of vision. You might glance at ingredients in your pantry and ask AI to make a recipe using those ingredients or ask it to explain a difficult problem on your child's homework -- think of a beefed-up version of Google Lens.

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There may not be a lot of usage for ChatGPT that's specific to the Vision Pro for now, but with companies like Google already rolling out AI generative video, it's not hard to picture generative immersive video being far behind. 

The ChatGPT app is now available from the VisionOS App Store.

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