AI to reach human levels in 20 years

Arthur C. Clarke and his wacky predictions...
Written by Aled Herbert, Contributor

Arthur C. Clarke and his wacky predictions...

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by 2020, according to science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. In a conference with AI expert Ray Kurzweil and other future technology boffins, the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey also predicted that full-immersion virtual reality - Star Trek's holodeck - will be available five years later. Meanwhile, complete control of atomic-level matter will be a breeze by 2015. Clarke added that by 2040 scientists will have developed a universal replicator based on nanotechnology capable of creating any object - sounding suspiciously like Star Trek's replicator. By 2095 humans will be scooting around the galaxy in spaceships powered by "space drives". It is unknown whether he ever foresaw an end to the Microsoft trial.
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