AIIA welcomes 'supportive' Budget

The AIIA said this year's budget was "supportive of the ICT industry"
Written by Munir Kotadia, Contributor

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) on Wednesday said this year's budget was "supportive of the ICT industry" and encouraged growth of the sector.

The AIIA's chief executive, Rob Durie, welcomed on Wednesday initiatives such as an increase in the allowable depreciation rate of certain assets -- such as computers -- and the establishment of a venture funding program that encourages Australian companies to commercialise their technology to the domestic market.

"The federal government's budget initiatives contain some very positive drivers for the ICT industry," said Durie in a statement. "We welcome, in particular, the tax cut for depreciation of investments, along with the other key initiatives that we feel will assist in encouraging future growth of the ICT industry."

Durie was especially happy that many of the Budget initiatives complemented programs set up by the AIIA.

"It is pleasing for us to see how these new Budget initiatives directly complement a number of the programs that AIIA is implementing. Our CollabIT program actively encourages ICT SMEs to establish partnerships with similar small Australian companies," he said.

Peter Costello, Budget 2006/06

However, Durie pointed out that the government missed an opportunity to help attract young people to embrace the ICT industry.

"Much more needs to be done to encourage greater participation by young people in tertiary ICT education if we are to ensure a flow of appropriately skilled people to support an industry which underpins productivity growth in the broader economy," he added.

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