Airgateway.com makes WAP viable

SINGAPORE, 19 July 2000 -- Airgateway.com Pte Ltd ("Airgateway")launchs AirWinners, a comprehensive user-friendly Wireless Access Protocol ("WAP") suite of products for the Singaporemarket.
Written by Joe Rebeiro, Contributor
SINGAPORE, 19 July 2000 -- Airgateway.com Pte Ltd ("Airgateway") launchs AirWinners, a comprehensive user-friendly Wireless Access Protocol ("WAP") suite of products for the Singapore market.

The AirWinners applications are targeted at both the consumer and corporate segments of the mobile market. AirWinners is available to mobile users immediately upon registration.

The applications designed for the consumer market segment, include a suite of products namely AirMail, AirContacts, AirDiary, AirFavourites, and AirInfo. This suite of products give mobile users full e-mail facilities as well as access to internet content via their WAP phones.

Offerings for corporate customers

Corporate users have in addition to customised versions of the above AirWinners applications, AirSearch, AirPromo, and Media Sensitive Intelligent Agent.

They include an intelligent search engine which supports Japanese, Korean, and Chinese characters as well as an advertising engine that pushes out advertisements.

The Media Sensitive Agent is a wireless middleware that allows mobile devices to run applications and access contents over diverse device platforms, protocols and screen sizes. It detects the incoming device type, matches it against a device profile library and generates an output suitable for the user's device "on the fly".

"We offer our clients one stop connectivity with mobile operators, Orktopas search engine and AirWinners Front Page suite", said Mr Quak Ser Khoon, Airgateway's Chief Executive Officer. He is confident of Airgateway's strategy, and expects to win over mobile users, high traffic content partners and mobile operators.

Airgateway has signed four agreements with major high traffic content providers and is in discussion with several others to feature their contents on Airgateway's Front Page suite of services. These services will be rolled out in quick succession over the next three months.

It is in active discussion to offer AirWinners applications to large local and regional corporate users and mobile operators. Airgateway's team will undertake WAPification and maintenance of client sites and deliver customised WAP solutions and applications development for clients.

SingTel Mobile's Director of Development, Mr Chye Hoon Pin, said, "Not only Airgateway has the most comprehensive suite of applications in AirWinners, it has the Orktopas search engine and advertising engine that aggregate content and traffic through Airgateway mobile portal".

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