Airport marketplace is deploying Amazon's cashierless retail platform

The hospitality group OTG is deploying the "Just Walk Out" platform at the Newark Liberty Airport next week.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer on
OTG - CIBO Express Gourmet Markets

OTG, a hospitality firm that runs retail spaces in airports across the US, announced plans to deploy Amazon's "Just Walk Out" platform next week, making it one of the first retailers to take advantage of the new Amazon service. Starting March 16, the cashierless technology will be available at OTG's CIBO Express Gourmet Market in the Newark Liberty Airport's Terminal C.

The firm also has plans to deploy the platform in additional Cibo Express stores at Newark Liberty and LaGuardia Airports. OTG CEO Rick Blatstein said they're using the platform as "a means of optimizing the airport experience so that we can give our guests their time back."

Earlier this week, Amazon launched a website announcing the availability of the "Just Walk Out" platform, which leverages the same technologies behind the Amazon Go stores. Amazon uses computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to eliminate checkout lines. After swiping their credit cards upon entering a store, customers can simply pick up what they want and walk out. Their credit cards are then charged for the purchases. 

Since launching its first Amazon Go store in 2016, the e-commerce giant has opened more than two dozen across the country. Making the technology behind it available to other retailers opens up yet another revenue opportunity for Amazon. 

Meanwhile, a handful of startups are already working with retailers to implement autonomous checkout services. Grabango, for instance, last year announced a deal with the grocery chain Giant Eagle. The company Trigo is reportedly partnering with the 280-store Shufersal, Israel's largest supermarket chain.


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