Amazon offers retailers access to the tech behind Amazon Go

The "Just Walk Out" technology lets customers pick up what they want in a store and walk out, without the need for a checkout line.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Amazon is now offering its "Just Walk Out" technology to retailers for use in their stores, the e-commerce giant confirmed to ZDNet on Monday. The technology, which powers the cashier-less Amazon Go stores, lets customers pick up what they want in a store and walk out, without the need for a checkout line. 

First introduced in 2016, Amazon Go stores leverage computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to eliminate checkout lines. On a new website for retailers, Amazon says the new offering is based on "proven technology that has operated with high reliability and accuracy for years in our stores."

At Amazon Go stores, customers download an app to shop. At non-Amazon stores leveraging the technology, shoppers won't have to download an app or have an Amazon account. Instead, they'll insert a credit card into a gated turnstile as they enter the store, Amazon explained to Reuters. 

Once inside, customers can simply take items off the shelves, and the Just Walk Out system will keep track of them in a virtual cart. Once a customer walks out, their credit card will be charged for all of the items they take with them. There will be a kiosk available where customers can enter their email address to get a receipt, should they need one. 

Amazon will work with retailers to install the necessary technology, which includes cameras and weight sensors on shelves. The e-commerce giant will also offer 24/7 support. Effectively everything else will be up to the retailer -- that includes the store selection and staffing store associates for customer assistance. 

Once the Just Walk Out system is deployed in a store, Amazon said it will "only collect the data needed to provide shoppers with an accurate receipt. Shoppers can think of this as similar to typical security camera footage."

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