Amazon asks the world to pencil in June 18 for mystery event

The rumor mill is working overtime on that Amazon smartphone.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Tech companies love sending out cryptic emails and invitations, and in this regard, Amazon is no different from the rest of the bunch.

The Internet giant just announced via Twitter that it plans to host a launch event on Wednesday, June 18.

Beyond noting CEO Jeff Bezos will be present at said event somewhere in Amazon's hometown of Seattle, details are few and very far between.

To feed anticipation and speculation, Amazon published a promo snippet (just under a minute long) depicting customers looking down at some sort of object (a mobile device?), remarking at whatever it is in awe while exclaiming things like "Never seen anything like this!"

Many guesses are pointing toward a completely new piece of hardware (i.e. a smartphone) following the Kindle Fire refresh last fall and the Fire TV set-top box earlier this year.

Whatever it ends up being, Amazon is already hinting that it will be a game changer for the online retail giant.

The Twitter invite includes a link to a form in which journalists, investors, and Amazon customers alike (meaning, just about everyone on the Internet) can apply to attend the unveiling.

That doesn't mean everyone who applies will be admitted to the special event, but it demonstrates that Amazon certainly wants the world to be watching that day.

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