Amazon phone rumor resurfaces, this time in 3D

Because apparently we didn't learn our lesson about 3D on smartphones and tablets, circa 2011.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor
The Kindle tablet family, last updated in September 2013.

There was once a fabled Facebook phone. Then there was chatter about a fully-fledged, Internet-connected TV by Apple, versus a pithy black box.

But perhaps the rumor that just won't sit still is an Amazon-produced smartphone.

Well get ready everyone, because supposedly the last one is on the way -- or at the very least the rumor is back, but this time with a twist.

Amazon is said to be gearing up to start shipping its own smartphone this year, according to the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

There aren't many details available yet (obviously), but if it is going to follow in the footsteps of Amazon's other very popular entertainment devices, it will probably be based on Android and involve the words "Kindle" and/or "Fire" somewhere in the moniker. (See: Fire TV.)

At least this time the rumor comes with a new detail, albeit one that feels stale and reminiscent of CES 2011: the Amazon phone is reportedly sporting glasses-free 3D display panels.

Call me jaded, but after all this time, Amazon Prime drones hitting the streets is more likely to happen first at this point.

Amazon hasn't commented publicly on this story, and nor should anyone expect anything. The e-commerce giant is typically private about these matters until they're good and ready to unveil a new product.

In the past, those introductions have ranged between splashy, invite-only events at historic airport hangars in Southern California to sit-down sessions at the Seattle headquarters with Amazon's founder and CEO himself, Jeff Bezos.

When those invites start rolling in, then we can all get our hopes up and let our expectations run wild and out of control, per usual.

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