Amazon brings Send-to-Kindle option to Android devices

Kindle for Android apps are now even more productive with the addition of the Send-to-Kindle feature.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Amazon updated its Kindle for Android app with several upgrades to the user interface as well as a key feature that could serve both personal and business interests.

The biggest update to the Android version of the e-reader app is the addition of the "Send-to-Kindle" feature. This allows users to email personal documents to the specified "Send-to-Kindle" email address.

From there, the documents are delivered directly to the Kindle app -- and any other Kindle app that supports this as the documents are archived in Amazon's cloud, where they are available for re-download.

This feature was also recently added to the Kindle for PC app in January.

Another function added to the Kindle for Android app that would please Kindle owners who like to get the most of their devices is Whispersync, which automatically syncs notes, highlights, and the last page read for personal documents. This feature is also available for Kindle books.

The Kindle for Android app is also more versatile in terms of readership now as the update offers access to illustrated children’s books, comic books, and graphic novels with full color illustrations. Over 1,000 children's titles are available along with some of the most famous comic book franchises, such as Batman and Superman.

The Kindle for Android app is available to download from the Amazon Appstore and Google Play for free.

To be fair, Amazon also recently updated its Kindle for iOS app on the eve of the new iPad's release. That upgrade focused primarily on tweaks to the user interface, including a new library view and crisper fonts that will surely take advantage of the iPad and iPhone's Retina Displays.


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