Amazon.co.uk stomps onto British gaming scene

Amazon sets its sights on the UK gaming market with the opening of a new PC, video games and software store
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Online retailer Amazon announced its intention to take the UK gaming scene by storm Tuesday with the launch of a games and software Net store.

The company which has been the subject of much negative publicity recently, promises the store will offer all the latest gaming titles and PC software as well as comprehensive reviews and features.

According to general manager Spencer Hyman, the introduction of the store illustrates Amazon's commitment to investment in its services and is another step on the road towards profitability. "Our primary concern is with customers," he says. "That is the fastest route to profitability. The more customers we get, the more we are likely to grow."

Amazon believes that, along with regular computer users, it will be able to attract serious gamers away from specialist games sites mainly through cross selling with its books and providing unprecedented availability of titles.

"'PC & Video Games and Software' is one more step towards achieving our goal of being the place where customers can find, discover and buy anything they want online," says managing director of Amazon.co.uk Steve Fraiser.

The store will also, says Frazier, offer a range of specialist Macintosh and Linux software.

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